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Designing Mannequin 1.0

UI Design + Front End Development

Sketch | Invision | AngularJS | NodeJS | MongoDB | HTML and CSS.


The purpose of this project was to develop my ability to make an MVP of any design I made from the ground up. I thought I'd design a simple website, manage how the server and data is handled. It really helped me to understand the full stack of web dev and get up to date on latest industry tools

Mobile app ui design

Sketch | Invision |  HTML and CSS


PreeLabs is a Jamaican startup that came to fame after winning 1st place in a Caribbean wide renewable energy competition, the tool was widely publicized attracted many investors since. The app controls and displays data of power consumption sent from a small device that connects each device to a power source. The objective was to present a large amount of data, control over timing and security in a simple, non-intimidating way.

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"Mannequin bridges the gap between design and development by rendering templates in an isolated environment."

I worked on Mannequin as lead designer at Last Call Media. It was a fun project and a fantastic  introduction into the world of component theming and pattern libraries.

made using
Facebook’s Origami Studio.

What is Origami Studio?

“A new tool built and used by designers at Facebook that makes it easy to make super compelling animations, transitions and interactions for prototypes.”  Usual workflow includes taking highfidelity designs I made in sketch then animate them here  Learn more about Origami Studio!

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A hero image + header collapse on scroll animation for the Utah Museum of Fine Arts Homepage
This was a cool scrolling animation for the Last Call Media homepage.
We needed a cool transition between our client page to a solution story that would give the user an impresson.
Menu Design for Mobile on Last Call Media website

Letter to Reader


I’m a techie who is in love product development. To me, Experience Design is a fundamental life philosophy. I believe as designers and builders we need to make things that give the most optimal human experience possible.  

Beginning in my high school days, I paid keen attention to the type of products one needed to succeeded in a consumer electronics market, over a period of time I started to realize the secret sauce was somewhere between brilliant marketing, strategic scaling and solving a serious problem people are having in a easy, almost seemless experience.  I believe design thinking extends outside to technology domain, but for now I strive to learn as much and solve as many problems with the best tools the industry blesses me with. 

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